Supply Management

Optimization of supply flows

A supply flow management tool based on terms of sale/production, with the management of the delivery terms from the suppliers and the maintenance of optimum buffer stocks, ensures the minimization of the storage costs (rent, staff, handling) and their management times with minimal risks of wear or deterioration and with the avoidance of blocking cash in stationary assets on several years.

The reports are created monthly, based on the information summarized in the order table.

How does it work?

  • Organizes the database with vendors;
  • Ensures compliance with contract terms;
  • Ensures compliance with the reference price;
  • Follows standardized consumption on structures.


  • You earn money by enhancing the storage periods and costs for the related spaces;
  • You earn money by shortening the time between the purchase of the raw material and the cashing from the client of the equivalent value for the product sold;
  • You gain time by optimizing the internal procurement processes and the information flow;
  • You gain time by creating responses patterns to non-conformities (delegation of responsibilities).