Direct timesheet

Optimizing monthly timesheets

The responsibilities of a Human Resources Manager include recruitment, payroll, onboarding and training, while functioning as a binder between management and staff. That is why time is a very important resource.

Each month, based on the timesheet, the payroll is created. This process is complex and if you manually enter all information about the presence of the employees at the workplace, it takes a lot of time, especially in case of companies with over 20 employees. Also, the possibility of operating errors is a risk factor.

By automating the process with the direct timesheet tool developed by Exprom, you will enhance the efficiency of the working time, organize the databases on the employees’ presence at work and create your reports up to 10 times faster.

How does it work?

  • Creates an accurate overview of the employees’ presence at work for the contract period;
  • Automatically calculates the working days, legal non-working days, annual leaves and leaves of absence;
  • Calculates the shift patterns in the work schedule of each employee;
  • Automatically calculates the overtime.


  • You gain time by automatically calculating the hours worked, related to the work shifts;
  • You gain vital information to manage your team’s working time.