Trustful relationships built with our partners are, by far, the most important achievement of our company. During the 21 years since we activate in the field of finance&accounting and tax we have been the choice of over 208 customers, which brought in the Exprom portfolio over 152 businesses. Why do they choce us, you may find directly from Exprom partners :

Delia Lăzărean - Financial Manager

Arcadia - Hospitals and Medical Centers

„I have been working with Exprom for more than 13 years as a supplier of integrated  services for taxation, accountancy, auditing, controlling, budgeting and financial analysis.

What I appreciate very much to them is the clear , documented and opened communication, on time.

The experience, expertise and vision over the economical-financial and business matters, make from Exprom a partner of trust.

For me, Exprom represents the guaranty of the good work done from the start."

Cosmin Tobolcea - General Manager

Pro Toby

„Our collaborators, for over 15 years, the Exprom team, highlighted them self by professional attitude, quality and correctness.

 By a vast experience and continuous education in the field of accounting and taxation, they succeeded to become a partner of trust for our company, offering a permanent communication and legal, correct and efficient solutions as well, in order to ensure the performance of our business.

 The entire qualified and prepared personnel of Exprom company, which works in teams of specialized fields, takes care that recording, and managing the daily accounting tasks to be done according to the due respect for the professional standards and the legal regulations, so that we succeeded to focus our self on the main activities of our company, without being distracted by other tasks.

We recommend, with all the trust the Exprom team and we thank them for the excellent collaboration during these 15 years and the ones that will come.”

Sabina Ciobanu - General Manager

HD Networking

„When the business started to grow, I knew that I needed a partner of trust, which will offer us not only accounting services just in time, but also connected services.

 This is how the partnership relationship between us and Exprom started.

 We have found in this team a support for the development of our company, and this is why we recommend them, trustfully."

Adrian Rîndașu - Managing Partner


„We are working with Exprom for more than 5 years and we are extremely happy for the quality of the services we receive from them.

 Exprom supports us with complete accounting services as well as with finance and tax consultancy.

We recommend them, trustfully to our partners and future customers.”

Marius Bărceanu - General Manager

Sonovision România

„For more than 10 years Exprom is the sub-contractor of Sonovision România for accounting services, payroll and Human Resources. During this period, we have developed a relationship full of trust which leaded rather to a partnership than a customer-subcontractor relationship.

The grounds which convinced us, are the profound understanding of the legislation and the regulations in force, the professionality, the abstraction capacity and dedication, backed up by a moral and correctness sense.

Over the years, we had the chance to have, face to face, the Exprom specialists against auditors from the biggest audit houses from Europe. In every case, with no exception, their services were at the level of the expectations or even higher.

Part of the success of our operations in Romania is due also to the services of our partners from Exprom.”


We provide our clients with realistic information and specific solutions that will enable them to make the best decisions in business.