Financial dashboard

Customized analysis services on economic development indicators

We organize economic indicators in a graphical analysis chart, making it easy to track the company’s evolution over time and the effect of implemented policies, as well as the risk situations.

As part of the management consulting activity, the analysis panel is an interactive executable tracking page created monthly by the Exprom team that contains several detailed tracking reports, comparisons over different periods of time and interpretation of the company’s business performance.

The reports are created monthly, based on the summarized information from the trial balance.

By choosing this service offered by Exprom, you will know in real time what management decisions to take so that you can save time and money.

Monthly evolution indicators centralized in the dashboard:

Financial stability

How does it work?

It shows how you finance your business and provides a support in making decisions to enhance the efficiency of your cash flows.


You save money that you can later reinvest in your business to make profit.


How does it work?

Analyzes the management decisions and the mix of products with the highest Return of Investment;


You save money, which so far were allocated for unprofitable activities;

Evolution of turnover

How does it work?

Analyzes and highlights the most requested products on the market;


You save money by choosing a profitable mix of products;

Ratio of expenditures in turnover

How does it work?

It shows how much you spend to obtain the turnover and how much you earn from the allocated capital;


  • You save time by outsourcing or automating processes or manual work;
  • You save time by enhancing the processes.