Accountancy and accounting expertises

“Accountancy is the most serious source of economic information for a nation. Almost all economic decisions are based on accounting information or its derivatives.” (Oskar Morgenstern – Nobel Prize winner).

Accountancy was born with the idea of commerce and always accompanied money in all its forms from the earliest coins to today’s credit cards.

Accountancy is in each of us and captures the essence of gaining money and how it is spent or invested to generate added value, becoming, for centuries, the common language of the entire economy.

Nowadays, accountancy measures, weighs, counts step by step any economic action, giving a clear picture on the economic evolution from the personal budget to the macroeconomic social levels, taking into account all legal regulations and fiscal norms.

Our portfolio covers a wide range of activities from services, medical, pharma, trade, HoReCa, production, to business groups and multinational companies.

We offer full services from primary record to annual reporting and specific development reports, including:

  • drafting the monthly trial balance and the monthly statements according to the legal norms on intra-community and extra-community transactions and to the rules on consolidation of accounts;
  • calculating taxes and duties, according to all the legal norms in force / fiscal optimization;
  • recording operations on cost centers and budget codes with contractual execution tracking;
  • assisting with inspections from the fiscal bodies.

We offer consultancy in:

  • managing cash flows;
  • managing internal information flows;
  • developing procedures with account plans adapted to the information flow needs;
  • calculating opportunity costs for loans or investment projects;
  • verifying accounting records, fiscal statements, depreciation plans, accounting examinations;
  • drafting the dividends policy;
  • preparing medium and long-term financing plans;
  • assisting in property inventory.

By quantifying the activity at process level on cost centers and types of profit-generating activities, the accounting records are the basis for future business plans by:

  • preparing and tracking income and expenditure budgets;
  • making profitability calculations;
  • managing cash flows.

Accountancy is the basis of any economic analysis and the accounting records can show the evolution over time and the impact of the economic decisions that underlie the calculations for the investment decisions, thus providing the basis for a sustainable development of the society.

Accounting expertises are, according to the regulations established by professional Standard no 35/2014, probatory means used in resolving causes which needs knowledges of a certain speciality from persons which have the designation of expert accountant in Romania.

Forensic accounting certifications asked from parties in a trial or by judge, during the instrumentation and debates phases of a civil cause, are the forensic accounting expertises. All of the others accounting certifications are called extrajudicial.

Accounting expertise is an activity of the accounting proffession, which can be done only by persons authorised in this way. All the accounting experts of Exprom have this designation, according to the law, are registered , and validated by anual visa, in the Panel of Expert Accountant and Authorised Accountants from Romania (CECCAR).

Forensic accounting expertises are done at teh request of a judicial office and are considered valid and undeniable probations for establishing the accountability of the guilty persons, disregarding the financial discipline and damaging the assets.

Extrajudicial accounting expertise done by Exprom experts, at the request of our customers, met the following characteristic traits :  

a) are a mean for foundamenting the decisions, of conciliation between commercial and business partners, and for preliminary foundamentation of the actions and complains in courts;

b) are activities by which the interested parties can obtain (outside the judicial actions) clarifications of economis&finance nature from independent professional accountants, of high probation and with a professional recognised deontology;

c) are centered on the research of the problems (objectives) set by the requester/requesters, but the accounting expert may highlight also colateral problems (objectives), which he considers relevant for the cause;

d) are activities contracted at the request of those which considers them oportune in the actions which they want to initiate.

Judicial accounting expertise are used for :

  1. Foundamenting the decision for selection of the business and commercial partners;
  2. Conciliation for unfolding the commercial and business transactions within the commercial contracts execution;
  3. Preliminary foundamentation of the actions in the courts of law;
  4. preliminary foundamentation of the actions for complaining against the inspection minutes of the government agencies.