Brands are made by people for people.

Each company aims, through its services or products, to solve the needs or wishes of other people. Thus, in the natural order of things, at Exprom we strongly focus on people. We invest in developing their skills, encourage them to reach their potential and perhaps most importantly offer them the opportunity to have a healthy work-life balance.

We work with talented, happy professionals who treat each client with dedication and enthusiasm. Therefore, the Exprom partners are, above all, their partners. And this makes the difference, which is best reflected in the overall performance of the company.


General Manager

Numbers with life
A man and a dream, which even today shine with the same intensity,
represent the foundation of what Exprom is nowadays…

Constantin MOCANU

Expert accountant

Accountancy with skill
Numbers are Constantin’s best friend…



Accounting as an art
Mihaela is a multilaterally developed person…

Victorin DAVID

Expert accountant

The good and wise man
Victorin is one of Exprom’s expert accountants…


Financial analyst

The Picasso of Excel
Raluca is the financial analyst who makes the numbers talk…



Equality exists only in mathematics
Faithful to a consistent work style with clear and well-elaborated methods, Cătălina found in accounting…

Lăcrămioara ICHIM

Human resources specialist

More of that human touch
Lăcrămioara, with all the knowledge gained, knows best how to be human…

Exprom is hiring!

Although it is a place about and driven by people who are best at money, Exprom is also a place where the human resource is just as valuable as the financial one.

We are a young team, we have 21 years of experience on the financial-accounting-tax market and we promise you that in our company you will find more than a job. Here kindness is our second nature, open discussions are welcomed and justified ideas are encouraged.

As for our place on the market, we can only say this to you: although we received plenty of recognition at local and national level, we don’t believe we are the best. That is why we are striving each day to be better and continue to learn.

If you also identified your values here and are curious how your career can flourish in a team focused on human quality, we invite you to read more details on our career page.