Money Control Board

Optimizing future cash flows

The Money Control Board tool of cash flow type projects the cash flow situation for the next period, taking into account the cash, the balance of receivables and payables with their availability in time and their due dates.

The reports are created monthly based on the summarized information from the balance sheet (suppliers, clients and the state) and from the forecasts of future revenues and payments.

How does it work?

By choosing this service offered by Exprom, you will know in real time:

  • where are your money?
  • what is the degree of liquidity for profit?
  • can you allow an investment?
  • when can you pay dividends?
  • what is the commercial credit limit as a medium-term sales policy?
  • what is the cash cycle of the invested capital?


  • You gain time by organizing your cash flows and project them over time;
  • You gain money by enhancing the financial flow;
  • You gain credibility by complying with the payment terms;
  • You gain proactivity in shares, having a clear forecast of the revenue evolution from your partners.