Fiscal consultancy

“Taxation represents the instrument by which fiscal policy is implemented and is – in fact – the system by which the national (or community) income is redistributed, generating the government revenues (collected – under the law – from duties, taxes, contributions, etc.).” (Public Finance Law – Mircea Ştefan Minea, Cosmin Flavius Costaş).

We made a passion for finding the best fiscal solutions for each business. We strongly believe that the solutions tailored to the specifics of the business can represent an important financial advantage and also an advantage that protects us from any omissions that can be detected as a result of a fiscal control.

Main tax consultancy services offered :

  • corporation income tax and revenues tax;
  • value added tax including assistance during V.A.T. reimbursements’ inspections;
  • international services transactions covered by double tax avoidance treaties where Romania is part;
  • real estate and local tax;
  • mergers & acquisition tax impact;
  • transfer prices files conception for groups.

In-depth knowledge of the tax environment represents a priority for Exprom in order to provide fiscal consultancy services at the highest level of efficiency, as follows:

  • we always begin from an analysis or an assessment of the fiscal situation in order to identify fiscal risks and find optimization solutions;
  • we provide consultancy in order to choose a favorable legal form from a fiscal perspective;
  • we plan fiscal obligations on operational cycles;
  • we offer assistance in drafting the fiscal statements (corporate/income tax, VAT, social obligations) in accordance with the latest legislative changes and depending on the national or international membership;
  • we establish deductibility limits for expenses, opportunity calculations for sponsorships;
  • we provide assistance and representation before tax authorities, including correspondence with them;
  • we provide fiscal assistance during litigations;
  • we provide assistance during tax inspection, including assistance and services on tax matters;
  • we offer assistance in drafting documentation for appealing against debt securities and other fiscal administrative documents;
  • we offer fiscal expertise services at the request of the tax authorities or of any other interested person or entity;
  • we offer assistance regarding the debts of the consolidated general budget, according to the legal provisions in force.