Profit per employee

Optimizing profit margins for labor services by category of staff

When your company’s activity is focused on providing services, the most important asset is the human capital. In order to benefit from an effective report on invested time and results, it is necessary to make an estimation of the contractual cost.


The Exprom’s profit margin optimization tool for labor services helps you choose the most advantageous contracts in terms of allocated working time.

How does it work?

  • Calculates the current profitability for each employee and team, based on the ongoing mix of services;
  • Calculates the profitability of each contract, based on the allocated working time.


  • You ensure the desired profit by adjusting contractual prices;
  • You gain money by optimizing the mix of products with the highest ROI;
  • You gain time by enhancing the working time of your team;
  • You optimize the value of the contracts, also taking into account the credit period granted to your customers.