Monthly allocations

Scheduling monthly allocations for anticipated expenditures and revenues

Regardless of the business area or the specifics of your company, the accounting rules recommend recognizing the expenditures at the time of achieving the related revenues. Otherwise, from the fiscal point of view, penalties may arise.

To manage the monthly allocation, it is advisable to plan these operations.

Exprom offers you a planning tool that is easy to configure, structured as a mini-budget calendar, giving you a complete and easy-to-follow image.

How does it work?

  • Centralizes all anticipated expenditures and revenues (rent in advance, insurance, annual fees, contracts, etc.);
  • Calculates their monthly allocation.


  • You gain time by enhancing the process;
  • You gain information on the profitability of each contract and you can manage in real time the deviations from the contractual goals.