How you win time

How you win time

by Raluca Șandru – Financial analyst

Big revolutions, took place due to automatization. Industrialization, digitalization, all of them contributed at an exponential evolution of the human kind. By experience and processes understanding, human kind succeeded to create rules which will shorten their working time and offer them the same results more quickly. As a result, by automatization, they started to have time for other matters of their lives while in a different ideas sequence, to do more in less time.

Because at EXPROM we work with accounting information, the templates are of a real use and we have created specific data bases for each process. Centralized, the information has become easier to follow, to verify, to analyze and easier to segregate in unitary reporting models, according to the specific management requirements to each customer.

As any activity suppose executing of a set of processes with at least a monthly recurrence, several phases prove itself as redundant and time consuming.

Consequently, at EXPROM we developed working and financial analysis tools which constitute support for management, according to our customer’s needs, targeted to reduce significantly the access times to information by managers.

Is much more easier to plan the cash flows if you have a tool which centralize the accounting information regarding amounts to be cashed or to be paid on future due dates, programmed by calendar and is as easier to find out what you spent the money on until now as easier, if your customers does not respect the payment deadlines or exceeds the orders caps. For this reason, we have created the tool Money Control Board, to which recently we added a layout for tracking the contractual execution.

During the financial analysis performed for our customers, we identified high levels of inventories against the operational cycle needs, a fact which was blocking important amounts of money from the operational cycle. In order to simplify the process of inventory optimization we have created the tool Supply Management, which centralize the needs, calculates the optimum times for deliveries and the minimum level of buffer inventories.

Because time is precious for each one of us, we have identified the need of a tool for evidence of the working hours per shifts, especially for our customers which have more than one location. With direct evidence, we have shortened the times to prepare the evidence, automating the calculation of the working hours within the collective paper of employees’ presence. Centralizing the hours off in a unitary table, the tool permits the generation of individual reports per employee regarding the presence at work.

Using personalised tools created on an unitary structure, the reporting time is reduced at the time needed for updating the database. The process of segregation of the information is done automaticaly, the risk of errors is eliminated, while the structure of the report, based on the information needs, is the same for each report.

A real benefit felt by utilization of these tools is the reporting uniformity and information comparability in time. Because the data base is updated periodically, the tools facilitate the comparison of the evolution over ranges of time for the analyzed indicators, using suggestive charts, and bringing a plus value to the monthly reports.

Raluca Șandru
Raluca Șandru, Financial Analist at Exprom, brings in 16 years of experience working in finance. She has graduated higher studies in Financial Management and Control and is responsible for developing the Financial Management Support instruments available exclusively at Exprom.