Lăcrămioara ICHIM

Lacramioara Ichim - Specialist Resurse Umane

Lăcrămioara ICHIM

Human resources specialist

More of that human touch

Lăcrămioara, with all the knowledge gained, knows best how to be human. And we think she is really good at this!

A complex, fully trained professional in HoReCa, she reached the age of majority in hospitality. But as life with its paths does not cease to amaze us, she recently agreed to pursue an older passion: human resources.

With a solid foundation in HR and experience in managing the most important asset of a company, people, Lăcrămioara fitted perfectly with the Exprom team.

For Lăcrămioara, the success took time and hard work, and today she is in charge of the payroll activities for our partners and the management of human resources.

As guiding principles in life, respect for other people’s work and balance in everything she does surely occupy the top places in her set of values.

Her life experience adds wisely to her training and professional achievements. Thus, Lăcrămioara graduated a Mathematics-Informatics high school, and because hospitality was her first love, she chose the Economy of Trade, Tourism and Services specialization, later obtaining the qualification of Human Resource Inspector.