Victorin DAVID

Victorin David - Expert Contabil

Victorin DAVID

Expert accountant

The good and wise man

 Victorin is one of Exprom’s expert accountants and a person who is always such a pleasure to talk with. He stands out through diplomacy, but also through the skillfulness of accomplishing each task.

Victorin’s activity includes both complete bookkeeping and also consultancy for process efficiency. In this way he determines the itinerary, from the accounting forms to the final reports.

One of the defining points of his personality is the responsibility with which he treats each project and the kindness in the relationship with the clients. Thus, working with Victorin, the accounting processes become more friendly and easier to understand.

Victorin graduated from the High School of Economics and then the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Department of Accounting and Management Information Systems, later becoming Expert Accountant authorized by CECCAR.

Therefore, a man of value and a dedicated specialist, with whom we are happy to work each day.