Today student, tomorrow expert-accountant in three steps

Today student, tomorrow expert-accountant in three steps

by Lucian Nedelcu – Expert accountant

Young persons from today are the future of tomorrow, while we at EXPROM, promote the excellence and support the development of young people by education.

For this reason, we have been invited to designate the prizes within the Competition ,,Today student, tomorrow expert accountant”. It was special honor for us and we wish to thank, on this occasion, the Faculty of Economy and Business Administration, department Accounting and Information Management Systems, from the University “Al. I. Cuza” Iasi and Body of Expert Accountants and Authorized Accountants from Romania – Branch Iași, for the invitation as well as for the mission to grow young talents.

From the word addressed to the future professionals – expert accountants, we wish to share with you three things conveyed and over which those has been asked to reflect, which, we hope, will help you also to do from the road to success a healthy and safe travel.

  • First thing is WORK.

Nothing can be done without work, without endeavor, without perseverance in work. It is said that ,,work makes the man noble”. Therefore, chose work, continuous exercise. The questions which you put and the try to find an answer, all of them are part of the work. Do not be superficial in your work!

The work, will lead to experience, and experience by work will lead you to results.

A professional accountant must work with his head and to apply prudency principle in his work as well. When the accountant does the balance sheet of his work, he/she must be on plus, while from a period to another period he/she must be have a positive growth.

  • The second thing which you must consider is PATIENCE

Have patience. Have patience with you, have patience with the ones around you, have patience with your work and do not try to burn artificially the steps in your formation, from your growth, because all of things are well done at their time.

  • The third thing you must reflect on is TRUST

You must have a lot of trust in you, in the One from Above and trust that things will settle down as it should and that you will succeed.

And when you will feel that you loose the trust, think about one thing: The company Coca-Cola, in his first year of activity, at his beginnings, has sold only 25 bottles of cooling drink and yet, it arrived today where it is seen.

Consequently, do not give up your dream!

Do not give up to follow your dream, because by work, patience and trust, the dreap of anyone of you can become a reality !

Closing, we will be happy to have a change of experiences and to tell us about your principles in life. Leave us a comment in which to share things which helped you to not divert from your professional way.

We thank you and kindly wait your opinions!

Lucian Nedelcu
Lucian Nedelcu, Exprom General Manager, has over 25 years of experience in financial, accounting and federal tax consultancy. In formal training and current activity, he is qualified as a tax consultant, accounting expert, with tasks including financial controling, internal and financial audit, as well as supervising all Exprom activity.