Raluca Șandru - Analist Financiar


Financial analyst

The Picasso of Excel

Raluca is the financial analyst who makes the numbers talk in a visual manner. An analytical person with a high level of commitment, Raluca is the one who knows exactly where your money is.

For her, budgets have no secrets anymore and because she is challenged by everything new, she aims to bring performance to a whole new level. Thus, starting from an income and expenditure budget, Raluca developed with skills of an engineer applications that tell you in real time what your company’s trends are and what processes create dysfunctions throughout the system.

After analyzing the data, Raluca will offer you consultancy on how to reduce your costs and maximize your profit. And isn’t it this the reason for a company to exist?

Raluca’s resume looks like a maze of numbers, through which she created her own path. Coming from a Mathematics-Informatics high school, she graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration in Iasi, Department of Accounting and Management Information Systems, also having postgraduate studies in financial management and control.