Mădălina HACIU

Mădălina Haciu - Specialist Marketing

Mădălina HACIU

Marketing specialist

Creativity in motion

Mădălina is a person who puts passion in everything she does.

She seeks the brand essence and the beauty in people, so that then she can reveal these by using the best words.

Being a joyful person, she will always try to give new meanings to old things and bring other perspectives to the public’s attention.

Communicative and people-oriented, Mădălina believes in the active involvement of the brands in society. Thus, she says, change happens through each of us and companies should function in such a way that inspires and leaves a legacy behind.

Mădălina graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy and Social-Political Sciences, Department of Communication and Public Relations, and then she studied Digital and Content Marketing to develop the skills obtained during her academic years.