Constantin MOCANU

Constantin Mocanu - Expert Contabil

Constantin MOCANU

Expert accountant

Accountancy with skill

 Numbers are Constantin’s best friend and he is skillful with their role in accounting records. He has been part of the Exprom family since 2006, when he graduated the Faculty of Economics.

Here he had the chance to grow and evolve along with the company. Thus, today we can proudly say that he is a professional truly dedicated to the field.

A direct person and a man of action, Constantin will always let his work speak for itself. And according to the feedback from the customers, we can say that he really does a great job.

As professional education, he says that he felt a calling for numbers and accounting, which he pursued with perseverance. Therefore, he graduated from the Economics High School, the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration from Iasi, the Economic Informatics Department, and later he became an expert accountant, member of The Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania (CECCAR).