EXPERTS since 1998

S.C. EXPROM LLC is a financial accounting company which offers complete financial services in: accounting, accounting expertise, tax consulting, auditing, financial management, payroll, etc.

Exprom Services

Our services are developed by a dynamic, young and authorized staff (members of CECCAR, CAFR, CCF, AAIR)
The relationships with our clients are based on respect, competence, professionalism, trust, ethics and confidentiality.
We can tell you what happens to your company’s money and profit.

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Our Objectives

We are the ones who take care that the complicated activity of your company, i.e. finance and accounting, to be always straight, to reflect reality, to help you see exactly where you're going and what are the steps to follow.
Our company's goal is to provide our customers realistic information and tangible solutions that will allow them to make the best business decisions.

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